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Guatape: Is it worth the hype? 3 Reasons why

Guatape: Is it worth the hype? 3 Reasons why

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If you are around Medellin, or planning to come (you should!), it is very likely you’ve already heard of Guatape. There’s just so much tours and many people talking about it. It’s quite a famous destination lately. Are you thinking if is it worthy? Here you have some reasons not to doubt about it anymore.


The Landscape: One of the bests in the world

Guatape Landscape

Is that simple. Guatape is known for offering spectacular views. We recommend the entrance to the rock and going up (700 stairs) to see some of the greatest landscapes you’ll ever see.


Colorful town

Guatape: Colorful town and great people

It’s not only about the rock, you can go to Guatape Town and you’ll have many activities to do, a beautiful and colorful town to explore.


Amazing people and ambiance

Plaza de los Zocalos in Guatape, Colombia

Tourism is fast growing in Guatape, but you will also find the local people living in a traditional Colombian town. Amazing people to share with!


Are you wondering the best way to get there? Check out our tours to Guatape. They include transportation, food, guides and the best stops. Or feel free to go by yourself taking a bus to Guatape in north terminal buses.

Have a great trip!

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