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What you need to know

About booking a tour

We offer handpicked activities, curated and constantly updated based on thousand of travelers and reviews. We are always looking for the best, most reliable and 100% legal operators in the city

We will be there to assist you before, during and after your experience. We do care for you to have a memorable trip in Medellin

For every tour we offer, we provide a whatsapp number for your convenience, so you can book your tour by chat. All you need to send us is a photo of your passport and that’s it

You can pay onsite with cash (we accept COP and USD) and credit card (4% extra fee applied).

We make sure all our operators are 100% legal, reliable, and more importantly, are able to offer an amazing experience.

If you need to change/cancel your booking, try to do it with enough anticipation. Just send us a WhatsApp message with your passport number

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What you need to know

For Tour Operators

Are you a legal operator and want to offer your experiences through our website? Check the information you need to take into account to do that.

All the operators working with us are visited to check that they can offer a consistent, safe, reliable and great experience, and all the operators have to be legally established.

Send us a message on [email protected] with your contact information. We’ll get back to you to arrange a visit

We want the best activities in the city to be exposed and offered properly to our visitors. We also want to help the operators to improve their internal processes. We know many times it’s a struggle to have the business going. We have the necessary tools to assist you

No, we work entirely based on results. We want our visitors to have memorable experiences. All we are doing is to make it easier to tourists find the bests things to do in the city

If you want to know more, send us a message to [email protected] and let’s start the journey together