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3 ways to reach Medellin from the airport

3 ways to reach Medellin from the airport

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Arriving to Jose Maria Cordova Airport? Confused about what’s the best way to reach the city? Here you’ll find what you need to know.

First of all, JMC airport is in Rionegro, which is outside of the city. It is 50 minutes (by car) away, but it’s an enjoyable trip through the mountains of the city. Here you have some options:


Bus and Taxi: Around 2 hours / USD 15 per person

Take the bus outside of the airport

You can take a bus from the airport to San Diego Shopping Mall. The buses are lined outside of the airport. They don’t have a number, but you can easily recognize them with the sign “San Diego” (Almost all of the buses go to San Diego).

A bus ride costs around USD $5 per person. You may have to wait for a while until the bus is full to depart, and there could be some stops along the way for other passengers to step down. Normally, by bus, you’d reach San Diego shopping mall (which is in Medellin) in around 1 and a half hours.

After you reach San Diego shopping mall, step down and take a taxi to your final destination. You’ll also see a lot of yellow, official taxis lined outside of San Diego shopping mall. You can also take an Uber, just take into account Uber is not considered legal in the city, but it works great. The only real problem we’ve seen so far is taking an Uber from or to the airport, since the police chase them there, but taking Uber inside the city is fine.


Taxi (Avoid Uber at the airport, see why next): Less than 1 hour / USD 30 Up to 4 people

One obvious way to go around is by taxi. You can take them outside of the airport. They are normally white with a blue strip. But please, ask for the price BEFORE you get into the taxi. It happens in every cities around the world that taxis charge more to tourists, so be sure to ask the driver for the price before you get into the car. Having said that, we would recommend booking a private pickup service from or to the airport.

Take into account that Uber is not considered legal in the city. The police chase Uber drivers, specially at the airport, and we wouldn’t recommend taking Uber there. In the rest of the city, Uber is a good option. If you still want to take an uber at the airport, be prepared to walk a little bit more, since you have to agree a pickup spot a bit far from the exit gates of the airport, so police won’t notice you’re taking an Uber


Recommended – Private pickup service: Less than 1 hour / around USD 28 up to 4 people

There are some legally stablished, trustworthy companies that have professional drivers that offer private pickup service from and to the airport. If you are looking real comfort, convenience and no hassles, this would be your best option. Bus and taxi could be cheaper, but considering the long ride (about 1 hour) from the airport to the city, many people go for a private pickup service.

We can help you arranging a private pickup service with some trusted companies and drivers so you can safely reach your destination at anytime. Book your private pickup service here.

The assigned driver would be waiting for you with a sign with your name at the exit gate, and he/she would take you directly to your destination.

We wish you an amazing trip!

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